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Dieter Offermans

Sales Engineer, EASI
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All you need to know about the company law reform

‘What are the consequences of this legislation for my financial management?’ ‘What is going to be abolished?’ ‘Will I have to amend my articles of association?’ ‘How much time do I have to get...

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Our tips for your blank accounting calendar

If you could do something every month that would make your accounting life easier, why wouldn’t you do it? Here are our tips for a fresh start!

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6 essential tips to make an effective prospection call

For sales calls, you need some talent, courage and sometimes some luck. But even on bad days, you can give your luck a push in the right direction with these tips!

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My first steps with Adfinity

As a rookie within EASI, I followed a series of trainings, together with some new customers that chose to work with EASI in 2016. In total, four full days of training were foreseen about the...

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