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Ludovic Michaux

Managing Partner, EASI
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Quality and satisfaction remain our main objective

Adfinity continues its breakaway. In 2019 the quality and satisfaction of our customers remains our main objective!

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Adfinity continues to grow

After the announcement last April of the arrival of Adfinity, opus 6 of our business management software, it is with great pleasure that we announce the expansion of the Adfinity family with the...

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Dynamic cross tables in Excel

I'm coming back to you with a reporting feature which is particularly close to my heart. These are dynamic cross tables which are also known under the name of “Pivot Tables”. If I think about it,...

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Adfinity Team is still growing in 2016 !

Just over a year ago, I was writing to you that the Adfinity team was experiencing strong growth. Then, we were 29 people dedicated to the development and implementation of our accounting and ...

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