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Dynamic cross tables in Excel

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Ludovic Michaux
Managing Partner, EASI

I'm coming back to you with a reporting feature which is particularly close to my heart. These are dynamic cross tables which are also known under the name of “Pivot Tables”. If I think about it, I would say that this is the tool I use the most as part of my day-to-day analysis reports.

As mentioned in a previous post, its advantage compared to other methods of reporting is clearly its flexibility.

How do you produce a pivot table simply?

Here are some simple data items chosen to illustrate the explanation for you. The idea is to put in a table the turnover achieved per year, per customer and per type of product. In principle, very simple to obtain using the ledger feature in Adfinity.

dynamic cross table excel accounting reporting

What are the questions that I asked myself when I see this simple table?

  • What is the change in my turnover per year?
  • Which customer generates the most turnover?
  • What is the change in turnover per year but broken down by customer?
  • What is the type of product that works the best?

This is how to do it in Excel:

  1. You select your table, taking care to take in your column titles in this selection
  2. In Excel 2010, you click on the Insert menu and choose the Pivot Table option
  3. Excel uses the set of data selected to generate the pivot table. Choose to put the table into the current sheet.

You will then get this:

dynamic cross table excel accounting reporting

Your turn to have a play! Arrange (using drag & drop) the columns in your table as you want them to be in the 4 areas at your disposal (report, column, line, value filter).

dynamic cross table excel accounting reporting

In 3 clicks you will get a turnover per year with a breakdown by type of product.

Would you rather have a breakdown by customer rather than by type of product? Nothing is more simple! Swap the Customer and Type of Product columns and that's all there is to it ;-).

Have fun!

Be aware that your consultant is also an Excel expert and can help you in producing your reports ;-).

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