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Business cards: still relevant or not?

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Jesse Huylebroeck
Sales Representative

In times of sustainability and efficiency, you can ask yourself the question: "Are business cards still relevant, or not? In this article, I will give you some arguments why the answer to this question is yes.

As a representative at EASI I, like many others, still have business cards in my pocket - you never know who you might run into. Moreover, by issuing such a business card, you also immediately give away a handful of information. For the non-believers of business cards I immediately give some reasons why I think they are still very useful.

1. Look & feel

Business cards say something about your organization. An interior designer or web designer will both invest more in their business cards than for example the local grocery store. Which makes sense if you know that the design of the business card contributes to the image of this person or business. Besides being a handy way to exchange contact details, it is also a nice of advertising tool.

2. Professional transfer of information

About the fact that business cards contribute to the advertising of companies, I would like to get back to EASI for a moment. We do this too, as the proud winner of E&Y's Company Of The Year award. Among other things, we use our business cards to communicate this.


3. Conversation starter

Business cards are the ideal way to continue a short conversation. You can design your card in such a way that someone will immediately notice something about it. So it's definitely worth checking out how your card fits in best with the company's corporate brand identity and which twist you can give to it (visually or via text) so people tend to say something about it right away.

4. Receiving a lot of information

I admit, it's often easy to send a quick email and give your details in the signature at the bottom, but at an unexpected moment or when you meet a lot of people at the same time, business cards are still unbeatable.

5. Business cards go digital

Of course, the future of these cards is digital. Fortunately, in this digital age there are many developments that make it easier to store and process business cards. For example, our SmartSales application allows you to easily add photos of business cards to visit reports.

Even easier? In 2020, you will even be able to scan business cards with our app and immediately place this information in a customer information sheet. This will allow you to work very efficiently at trade fairs and no information will be lost.


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