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Clients' information : A key factor for efficient sales

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Marion Descamps
Marketing Officer

As a Sales Representative, gaining knowledge about your clients is crucial. Let's discover how the Module Client in SmartSales can help you with it.

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Repeat after me : Information is the key

It's a fact : knowledge about your client (and his needs) is key for an efficient sales appointment. You must know your client to be able to come up with relevant and interesting solutions to his problems. It's therefore crucial to take time to gather information about your client before you meet him. What's his sector? What are his most-ordered products? Which items did you discuss last time you saw him? What's his turnover, which ones of your products do you know he can afford?

I already know what you're about to say : This is nice theory but as Sales Reps, our time is (very) limited. We don't have hours to check files and reports or deep-dive in our clients' history. What we do for a living is fieldwork, not a paperwork job. 

What if you could get the best of both worlds?

What if I were to tell you that there is an (easy) way to gather all useful information about your client without spending hours looking for it in Excel files and reports? SmartSales is a mobile app (tablet and smartphone) made for Sales Representatives to help them close deals easier and faster.



The Module Client

SmartSales is composed of different parts (called "Modules"), each one with a specific purpose. One of them is the Module Client. The goal of this module is to give you a complete overview of your clients and access all useful data in one click. 

The Module Client offers different data sections related to your clients. Let's check on them, will you?

Let's start with the basics : Find the client you're looking for

Your clients' list is sorted by Alphabetical Order by default. So if you're looking for one specific client, the easiest way is to use the search bar or to scroll down the list. 

But sometimes, you need more than to locate only one client : This is why we have Sort, Filter and Details tools. Thanks to these, you can decide which criterias you want to be applied to the list of clients you display. 

Example : let's say you want to have a view on all your clients located in Belgium.

Client details

Get a view on every details concerning your client : contact data, of course,  but also turnover, sector, company size, ... You decide which fields you want to integrate in this view to make sure you have access to all relevant information. 

Order history

Keep track of all items ordered by your client : you will know his tastes, needs and will be able to foresee other products that could interest him.

Visit reports

How was the atmosphere last time you saw that client? And, by the way, when was it again? Access all your visit reports at once and remember all details regarding the context and the evolution of your relation. You'll be able to adapt quickly to every situation and to build stronger long-term partnerships with your clients.


Juggling different apps, calendars and tasks lists (paper or digital) can be hard... and tricky. By putting all your tasks and meetings in your SmartSales planning, you'll never have to worry about your other organizer tools. You just have to open the tab Planning related to a client to see everything that has been planned with him. 

Piece of cake, right?

Now, you have no more excuses not to know what products you have to present in priority during your next sales appointment.


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