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Management of rental fees and indexation (Adfinity Real Estate new features)

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Simon Nizet
Adfinity Consultant

Notice of rent payment and indexation are key processes in real estate. A number of improvements are scheduled in the undertaking of these recurring processes.

  • Conditional indexation
  • New method to calculate the amounts
  • Easy cancellation of a full notice of rent payment process

Conditional indexation

Adfinity already provides tools to easily monitor indexation of amounts.

Aware that certain situations may require special indexation, our application provides more leeway as regards calculating indexation.

Within a contract folder, you can use the options available to e.g. avoid negative indexation.

Available in version 1.4.

Conditional indexation

New “REA” calculation method

If one of your contracts starts in the course of a month, use of the REA method will enable you to keep invoicing on the basis of the first day of the contract.

For instance: a contract beginning on January 20th will be invoiced from January 20th to February 19th, from February 20th to March 19th, etc.

It is no longer necessary to invoice the first month prorated so as to have a following invoice date on the 1st of the month (which is what the REM method did).

This is called “day-to-day” property management.

Available in version 1.4.

New REA calculation method

Cancellation of a notice of rent payment

The generation of a notice of rent payment sometimes comes with its share of handling mistakes.

Rather than deleting the contracts generated with these mistakes, you can cancel the creation of these invoices in just one click in the invoicing window of the contracts.

Available in version 1.4.

Cancellation of a notice of rent payment

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