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7 days with the iPhone X

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Thomas Debouverie
Expert Software Engineer, EASI

Let’s start with the hardware. Apple usually designs beautiful products, this iPhone is no exception.

The object

2 points can be surprising when you first pick it up. First, the iPhone X is noticeably thicker. If you add an extra case, it results in a massive look that will not agree with everyone.

7 jours 1

This is further emphasized by its weight. The iPhone X is about 25% heavier than the iPhone 7. I thought I would get used to it quickly, but I find this additional weight quite uncomfortable on a daily basis.

Super Retina

The new OLED “super retina” screen is gorgeous. Apple was late to equip iPhones with OLED technology, allegedly so they could design the whole screen themselves.

The result is very convincing. Colors are accurate; there is no over-saturation as can be seen on a lot of modern smartphones.

Face ID

Face ID replaces Touch ID completely: to unlock the phone, make a purchase on the App Store, or use Apple Pay.

Although slower than the latest Touch ID version, this system works well. Opening the phone this way becomes very natural after only a few hours.

Control center

iOS 11 has been quite heavily modified to fit the absence of a home button. Control center, previously accessed via a swipe up from the bottom of the screen, is now opened via a swipe down from the top right corner.

7 jours 2

They must have been out of ideas, because this is quite a failure. Access is very hard, especially for left-handed users. It becomes truly impossible to open control center single handed.


For me, one of the most convincing argument for the iPhone X. The marriage of OLED, the new A11 Bionic chip, and iOS 11 gives great battery life to the phone.

Despite a “normal” usage of the phone (Waze, mails, calls, web…), it is a common thing to finish the day with 40% battery life remaining.

Is it worth it?

Overall, the iPhone X is a success and an excellent smartphone. I am still amazed by the technological feats, especially regarding Face ID. The few downsides will easily be solved and enhanced in the following models.

Is the price difference with iPhone 8 justified? This is less obvious. If I had to advise an iPhone, I would lean towards the iPhone 8. Despite its discrete release, it is still in my opinion one of the best smartphones available today. Its price is less painful, and it has none of the youth defects of the iPhone X.

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