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My cyberwishes for 2020

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Christophe Verhaeghe
Team Manager, EASI

Ransomware and cryptolocker are the words I've heard the most about in our coffee corner in 2019, both from companies and individuals. Is now a good time to trivialise these things?

In 2019, we have been contacted at least twice a month by a company that was experiencing data loss. That cost them a lot of money.

Ironically, there are two aspects that strike me in 80% of all cases:


When Ransomware starts the malicious process, the customer is willing to pay bitcoins on the dark web to a fraudulent person. This while he normally hesitates to invest a real budget in a pseudo-pro or a real professional solution sold by an honest company to help him in case of an emergency.


Once the worries are over, the client is ready to invest money "so we never have to go through this again".

Once their fingers are burned, our person of contact and his team and management unanimously say "a donkey doesn't hit the same stone twice". Unfortunately, in far too many cases they remain hollow words and are not turned into facts. The bad experiences and good intentions are quickly forgotten as one reoccurs in one's daily routine. The Show Must Go On.

So if I may give you one good advice for 2020, for I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions.

Think carefully about the importance you now want to assign to your dates to avoid problems behind.

  • Where do you store the important data you think you can miss?
  • What are your most critical business processes?

(Cyber) - Security doesn't have to be a brake. Formula 1 cars have brakes, but these allow them to race smoothly to victory!

Best Wishes!

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