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My internship experience at Easi

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Kyan Van Der Weyden
Now that I completed my marketing internship at Easi, I would like to share my experience during this period. I will indicate what my main learning points are and what I never expected when I started here.


The day I sent my resume to Easi, I didn't know what to expect at all. I thought the chances were relatively slim that I would even get a response from a company the size of Easi. But just two days later, everything changed. Felix called me for some additional questions around my resume, further increasing my interest. After that phone call, I knew I had to go all out to take this opportunity for an internship at Easi.

Why exactly, do you ask?

Because I have never had such a connection with a company without actually meeting someone. I immediately realized that this company strives for a systematic, but also opportunity-based approach.

That realization came when both the conversations with Felix and those with Linde were stress-free and transparent. From that moment on, I knew it would be an excellent opportunity to start here, as well as a place where I could learn and do a lot.

Start of the internship

Never in my life did I expect to feel so welcome and meet such passionate employees. It made my internship more accessible from the start because everyone was open and transparent with each other.

Although I was impressed with the company culture, it was a lot in a beginning because I had to adjust to Easi's way of working. For example, I had to get used to their internal work tool. It was a challenge, but it wasn't too bad in the end.

Never a dull day

Not a day did I get bored, as I was given enough interesting tasks to complete a day. As soon as I completed one task, another came along, but it never felt overwhelming. There was a feeling in the workplace that encouraged you to set your own pace, and not focus on others'. This gave me the motivation to keep going every time.

Learning process 

This period went by incredibly quickly. This is certainly because it was such an enjoyable experience for me. Thus, I can definitely conclude that for such a relatively short period of time, I learned a lot.

Writing style

I have always enjoyed writing up to a certain level, but I never expected to become so interested in it after this internship. My main goal was to write a press release, but the additional tasks ended up helping me learn more.

The more I wrote, the better

At first, it was a challenge to get used to the writing style used for marketing purposes or internal communications. I was always used to writing academic or very formal texts. Now I found out how to distinguish the different aspects between practice at school and at work. It was often difficult to adapt to the different writing styles. But at the end of this internship, I feel that I can write better on a certain topic with the expected context around formality.

Thanks to this internship, I now ask myself the question, "Who will read my text?" This, so that I can perfectly echo to what extent I should write my text based on the given context and explanation.

Expectations exceeded

Easi met and surpassed my expectations every time. There are even certain elements that they exceeded that I was so impressed with.

Age of employees

What I was immediately impressed with is the average age of Easi's employees. 32 years old! To me, that's an insane number, because this little detail also makes it more inviting for a young intern like myself to start here.

Diversity for interns

There are many more positions than just 'Marketing intern'. In the marketing department alone, there are several opportunities. I went for the PR part within the communication cell. But the entire marketing cell deals with much more, e.g. hard marketing such as lead generation, events, UX-UI design, and many other things.

What I find remarkable about Easi is that during my internship, in addition to my main task, I was given the space to delve deeper into areas that I find interesting myself. For example, as an extra task I was allowed to make a strategic analysis of the social media app Instagram on which Easi is active. That was really nice for some variety.

Equal opportunities as an intern

Another factor that I have found to be positive is the way in which everyone is given the same opportunities. This was surprising to me since the hierarchical approach here at Easi is vastly different from my old student job. The openness that each employee is given to bring in their ideas and work on them once agreement is reached gives me a forward perspective in my perception towards Easi. Even the weekly feedback from Linde is something I am grateful for, as it is not always considered.


All in all, my entire internship went great. Linde, along with the entire marketing team, was always open to my questions. It was a great feeling to be able to finish my internship with a presentation where I got to present my analysis and improvement proposals.

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I am proud of what I have achieved in this short period of time. I never expected to be given so many opportunities and various tasks to learn so much more in a business environment. Therefore, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me move forward in my learning process.

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