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Our 3 hacks to reduce sales admin work

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Jonas Herinckx
Marketing Officer

Between all his/her meetings and researches for adapted solutions, a commercial's schedule is quite busy. The administrative part of the job, also called "post-sales", must be minimized in order for him/her to be able to focus on the heart of his/her function.

However, this task is way to often eluded by sales rep.. They postponed it and then forget key information, insert inaccuracies in their reports, make wrong commands,...The bad management of your administrative work can result in negative consequences for your daily business. Follow our tips to minimize your administrative work time, while maximizing this aspect of your job. 

1. Before the appointment: information is the key

  • Reducing the time devoted to administrative work starts with the (right) preparation of your appointment. Your research about the client you're going to meet is essential. You must be able to present solutions/innovations that interest him/her. At every step of the process, efficiency is the key word to stand out. Compile as much information as possible about your interlocutor and his/her company. Go through his/her LinkedIn profile, exchange with colleagues who have already met him/her, learn about the financial challenges of the company & sector. Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your interlocutors. 
  • For this step, an internal collaboration tool is useful to share some information. Just before the appointment, an effective mobile tool can allow you to check data that could make all the difference during your meeting.
    Relevant and targeted, the well-prepared questions will position you on top of your competitors. You'll give the image of a professional partner. 

2. During the appointment: professionalism & efficiency

  • A good appointment is an appointment during which you carefully listen. The notes you take must stay short & simple. Take them in a professional way. Avoid writing draft words on a messy piece of paper. Focus on minimalism and efficiency. 
  • If possible, opt for a note-taking tool, like an iPad application, that allows you to pre-write your questions. Time saving, structure, fluidity: once again, you bet on professionalism and efficiency above all. 
  • These questions may have been prepared in collaboration with the (Sales) Manager in order to share the expected information with your organization. 
  • An essential facet of the sales rep's job, and yet often neglected, is the constant CRM update. During the appointment, as soon as you hear relevant information, insert it instantly into your tool. If you're taking note on paper, or without any proper application, it will more than likely be forgotten or poorly copied later. Adapt this information quickly and live from your appointment!

3. Post-sales: anticipation

The fun part of the job is about to begin! The key data were carefully collected during the first exchanges: now you can exploit them.

  • A targeted offer, a special action: the data collected in the field are valuable. Once again, an adapted tool is essential: in a few clicks, you create links between your appointment, the collected information, your personalized offers.

Before the appointment, you are focused on preparation. During the meeting, your focus is on the information selection. Finally, after the appointment, anticipation is the keyword. It's already time to prepare your next step. All the previous stages allowed you to go back home, or to the office, without any administrative work.
During your appointment, you have already:

  • Updated your CRM 
  • Entered your orders
  • Taken note of crucial information to create your next personalized offer
  • Booked your next appointment

All of that, with a single tool.
Now all you have to do is focus on the core of your job and give your client the solution he/she wants. Or, even better, present a solution he/she doesn't know he/she's waiting for (yet).

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