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Benefit from the mandatory use of Peppol

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Lilith Karapetian

For years, accountants have had to adhere to numerous rules and laws. However, the new law in relation to Peppol can make life much easier for them.

Adfinity is making a U-turn!

Even though we have always worked with Codabox in relation to the whole Peppol thing, we recently decided to opt for Digiteal. That whole Peppol thing, what exactly does that mean?

What exactly is Peppol?

Peppol stands for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line. Explained in simple terms: it is a kind of network for both sending and receiving electronic invoices.

It has become a requirement for companies providing services or goods to government agencies. Contracting authorities are required to accept and process such invoices. This can be perceived as an extra "requirement" or an extra "rule" and perhaps even as a burden. But is this actually the case?

Are digital invoices really the future?

Such electronic invoicing can play a major role in the future, which is what we also firmly believe at Adfinity. Besides electronic invoicing not only being for key contracting authorities, it will also be extended to other companies.

What are the advantages?

Peppol provides:

  • Uniformity in terms of billing
  • More transparency
  • Fast and sustainable way of invoicing.

This uniformity comes from an XML invoice, which is required to comply with European standards.

It requires a certain amount of adaptability on the part of a company. But this will certainly be rewarded in the future with:

  • More structure and efficiency: more and more companies will become familiar with the interpretation of similar invoices.
  • Security: the electronic invoices will only be accessible via certain access points. In the case of Adfinity, Digiteal will be the new access point.

Digiteal provides that little extra when it comes to the automation process of electronic invoices.


Would you like to send electronic invoices to your customers? You can do this with a click of a mouse through Adfinity. Of course, it also works the other way round with receiving invoices that are then automatically processed in Adfinity.

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