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5 reasons why PSM-functionalities in Adfinity help optimise your organisation

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Dieter Offermans
Sales Engineer, EASI

Adfinity's Purchase and Sales Management functionalities can help optimize a whole range of operational processes in your company. In this article, 5 are described.

Efficient management of prices

Do you still keep track of prices in Excel? Do you not have a tool to keep track of prices of a product from a supplier? Are the prices not up to date? Adfinity offers two flexible solutions to manage prices.

First, you can set a standard price per supplier. If the invoice price differs from the order price, then the price can be adjusted with just one click. This way you will never have to play catch-up again.

A second way is to work with rates. This gives you the opportunity to work with price scales, for example, to determine prices. I’ll illustrate this with an example: if you order 1 can of Coca-cola, it costs 1 euro, but if you order 10, it costs 90 cents.

From quotation to invoice

Do you not have control over the orders within your organization? Adfinity responds skillfully to this, because we offer structure and control over the orders. We do this with the following:

  • Budget control

Budget control gives the user a sense of responsibility: one sees immediately what impact a purchase has on his or her budget.

  • Approval

Approval of order forms prevents unnecessary or too expensive orders from being placed. This is done digitally, so no signature on paper is required, but an electronic validation. This is ecologically responsible and saves overhead costs.

Invoicing, without separate package

Why use a separate package if all the billing data are in Adfinity anyways? Right, we offer a solution that allows you to issue invoices directly from Adfinity, but what are the additional benefits?

Invoicing details such as payment term, bank account number and method of payment are all linked to the customer. As a result, a sales document can be issued within a minute with a pdf that can be sent to the customer.

Sending the invoice on paper or digitally is simple and can be managed per customer. In addition, Peppol e-invoicing, which has been made obligatory last year when sending invoices to government bodies, has been integrated.

And these are just two of the many advantages that Adfinity offers.

Take stock management to the next level

One stock location or multiple warehouses? No problem, Adfinity can handle both scenarios. The module offers multiple tools to make a warehouse manager’s life easier.

With the resupply tool, you ensure that the organisation never runs out of essential products. Every day or week a proposal for replenishment is made, after which the order forms are sent to suppliers after confirmation.

In addition, the stock can be managed via a PDA. This module was completely renewed not so long ago, so be sure to read the blog that was written about this.

Say no to interfacing; say yes to integration

Because PSM and accounting are in one package, we can fully integrate each process. There are no interfaces between different packages, which automatically means less additional costs. I will list the different scenarios:

  • Implementation of changes to the inventory is done at the push of a button.
  • Easily linking invoices with order forms, with in addition advanced approval.
  • If the invoice is lower than the order form, the budget will be disclosed automatically.

As you can see, Adfinity offers total synergy between accounting and purchase/sales management. If you are convinced of the added value after reading this article, please do not hesitate to contact our salespeople.

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