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Cloud2be status page

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Cedric Van Put
Team Manager, EASI

When you entrust us with your servers by placing them in Cloud2be it is important for us to be as transparent as possible. Even if we do our best to guarantee the best availability of our cloud environment, we sometimes have to face incidents. For this reason, it is essential for us to communicate with you efficiently in such a case. The communication must be done as soon as possible to let you reorganize your way of working if the incident can impact your business. In such a case you probably have to communicate internally about the incident, maybe start a disaster plan, contact your customers .... The sooner you are aware of the incident, the more you'll have time to manage the incident.

Do you know that our cloud customers have access to a portal with the status of our cloud components ? They can even subscribe to receive mail alert in case of incident. The page can be found at the following URL, https://status.cloud.net. On this page you are able to see the ongoing incident and communication about it: what is the cause of the incident, what are we doing to fix the issue, when the issue will be fixed and so on. In case of incident, the page is regularly updated with the latest information. This page provides also all the scheduled maintenances. Last but not least, this page displays the uptime of each service provided by the cloud.

How can you subscribe to mail alert in case of incident or get notified about scheduled maintenance, It is quite easy ! Just go to https://status.cloud2be.net ad, click on 'Subscribe to updates' in the main banner.

subscribe to updates

Fill in your email address. An email will then be sent to you. Just click on the link within the received email to confirm your subscription. On the status page, you will then be able to define about which services you want to receive notifications in case of incident or scheduled maintenance. To configure this, click on the button 'Manage subscription' on the main banner.

The list of provided services will then be displayed. For each of them, you can check/uncheck if you want to receive notifications in case of incident or maintenance.

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