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Homeworking @ EASI

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Guillaume Frankart
Expert Business Consultant Adfinity

Quarantine & homework are going hand in hand right now. Since several weeks our entire company has moved to the 250 homes of the EASI employees. This has not been an easy task, but the current balance is quite satisfying.

One weekend to set everything up

Our infrastructure team had one weekend to make the transition from "work at the office" to "work at home". Enabling 250 people to work from home as efficiently as in a fully equipped office surrounded by colleagues. This is the mission that Cédric Van Put's team had to accomplish. Mission accomplished! From the beginning of the first week of quarantine, everyone was able to resume their work where they had left it 3 days earlier.
All our usual applications were immediately available from our living room. Colleagues visible on the other side of our screen. The only thing missing was the coffee machine...

Continuity of work

In a period like this, it is important to be able to continue to support our various customers. They, too, have to work in a completely new context. Digitisation, paperless policies and communication technologies: these are the elements that will enable us to continue to ensure the quality of our activities. But also a positive spirit and a willingness to move forward, not to remain stuck during the crisis. That is why we continue to work, within normal working hours. Certainly in a more relaxed outfit, but just as efficient!
Meetings to analyse new projects are held at a distance so that deadlines are not delayed. We even use this period to move forward projects that have been left out of consideration for too long. So the goal remains the same: to deliver quality work in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

Keeping in touch in the 4 corners of Belgium

Meetings in meeting rooms or at clients' homes have been replaced by phone calls and video conferencing, whether in the work context or for more informal moments. Yes, keeping in touch also means sharing an "e-drink with colleagues over the weekend. It's also these moments that keep us in a good mood and keep us motivated to work. Even if a contact via videoconferencing cannot replace real human contact, you don't feel alone in this crisis. And after 4 weeks, we can say that the adjustment went pretty well! Our days look almost the same as before, except for the trajectories.

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