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New Peppol obligations in Belgium: we explain everything!

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Marie Payet
Product Manager Adfinity - Easi

A few weeks ago, we announced new obligations concerning electronic invoicing in Luxembourg. Similar changes have also been decided in Belgium, and our Adfinity software is already 100% compatible with them.

Are you confused about the implications and upcoming deadlines? Find out what this means for you in this article!

Standardization of the use of electronic invoicing for the B2G sector

On November 26, 2021, the Belgian government passed a law concerning the obligation to send your invoices electronically via Peppol (and no longer via attached PDFs, mail or paper) for all B2G (Business to Government) transactions.

In practice, all public tenders in Belgium will require suppliers to send their invoices electronically via the Peppol network.

The announced implementation deadlines are as follows

  •      November 1st 2022 for European tenders
  •      April 1, 2023 for non-European tenders
  •      October 1st, 2023 for tenders below 30.000€ VAT excluded

Extension of the application to the B2B sector

Concerning commercial activities between B2B companies (Business to Business), the Federal Government also wants to extend the obligation to use Peppol in a near future.

For the moment, the deadlines are not final and are still subject to change, but the proposals under discussion are as follows:

  •      Mid-2023: obligation for all companies to be able to receive electronic invoices
  •      Mid-2023: obligation for large companies to send their invoices via Peppol
  •      Autumn 2023: obligation for medium-sized companies to send their invoices via Peppol
  •      Beginning of 2024: obligation for small companies to send their invoices via Peppol

These deadlines being of application very soon and negotiations are in progress to extend the deadline of obligation to align itself, for example, on our French neighbors where this deadline is extended between 2024 and 2026.

What are the advantages for you to use Peppol billing?

Apart from the legal obligation, the switch to electronic invoicing has many advantages:

  • Simplification of administrative processes
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Facilitation of the reception of invoices and their encoding
  • Reduction of accounting errors
  • Transparency and reduction of fraud

Easi, through its partnership with the Peppol Digiteal access point, has been specializing in electronic invoicing for several years in Belgium.

We are therefore ready to support you in this process.

Do not hesitate to contact your consultant for more information on the implementation of electronic invoicing via Peppol in your company.


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