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Excel add-in : import and export of Adfinity data

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Fabrice Moll
Expert Software Engineer

With version 1.6 of Adfinity, a new option is being introduced in the Excel add-in. We tell you more in this blog article.

More autonomy for users

The Excel add-in has been developed to allow users to easily and intuitively create reports that are directly linked to their Adfinity database.

In order to improve our tool and make users more and more autonomous, we have decided to add a new functionality. In version 1.6 of Adfinity, you can now export data from Adfinity to an Excel file. In addition, you will be able to introduce the modifications that have been made directly from Excel to Adfinity.

What's it going to look like?

Discover a brand new menu that will allow you to export your data:


After modifying (or adding) information in the Excel file, the new data synchronisation option will allow you to send all your modifications in Adfinity.


After synchronising your modifications, you will be able to directly see the synchronisation status for each row of the Excel file.

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