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I bet you didn’t know you could do that with SmartSales

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Jesse Huylebroeck
Sales Representative

Whether you're an experienced SmartSales user or you're looking for an effective solution to help your salespeople on the road, I'm sure this article will give you a better understanding of the many possibilities the application offers.
For the purpose of this article, I have focused on 4 specific features that can make a difference and help you take your sales to the next level. 

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Get an overview with the Dashboard

Discover at a glance all the important data you need to be familiar with to start your day: your agenda, your tasks, the products that sell best, etc. and easily navigate between these different elements from the dashboard.


If you want, you can refine your information to see only the data corresponding to a specific customer! Simply select the desired customer at the top of your screen... and voilà!

PS_2 (1)

The dashboard is fully customizable. You choose what you want to see appear when you connect to the application.

Easily manage unpaid invoices

SmartSales allows you to easily link a variety of documents (PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) to specific customers. Nothing extraordinary there. But did you know that you can also manage unpaid invoices directly from the application.

Imagine for a moment, one of your customers has placed an order with a 30-day payment term. If after these 30 days, you still haven't been paid, this unpaid invoice will be automatically added to the list of documents related to this customer.


You also now have the possibility to send this unpaid invoice(s) by e-mail yourself to your customer. The invoice will be added as an e-mail attachment. All you have to do is press "send". Once the invoice(s) have been paid, they will automatically disappear from the list of documents.


This feature is intended to make the life of salespeople who use SmartSales easier and make them more autonomous. Without this function, you would have had to contact the internal service to resolve the issue and that would have made you lose precious time.


Create clear presentations

If you're like me and enjoy straight-to-the-point presentations, I have good news. The SmartSales app allows you to create impactful presentations right from your tablet in a matter of minutes.

From the presentation tab, select the documents you'll need and then select the pages you want to present to your client or prospect. Just drag and drop them. That's it! You've just created a presentation.

Why is this interesting? Imagine you have an active customer working in the HoReCa sector. You have a catalog of 50 products, but you know that your customer will only be interested in 5 of them. You know you don't need to present him the other 45 products. Well, then, quickly create your presentation in the application and save time for you and your customer.

Also, as for the management of unpaid invoices, you have the option to send this presentation by e-mail directly to your customer.

Visualize data in a simple way 

Another asset of SmartSales is the data that the application is able to present to you to help you fine-tune your strategy. For more accuracy, this analysis can of course be done by customer. And if you want to take your analysis even further, you can analyze your data by segment.

PS_9 (1)

These numbers will allow you to draw a lot of conclusions. For example, if we take a closer look at the Category 3 line hereunder, you will quickly notice that your customer did not order anything from you in T2 and T4, but only in T1 and T3. This probably means that they worked with another distributor for two of the four periods. These indications give you an idea of the competition you face in the market.

PS_9 (2)

You also have the possibility to get an overview with bars or lines.


This information is constantly updated. So there is no risk of erroneous or outdated data.

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