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End of Support (EoS) for your IBM Power 7+ servers

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Bernd Vanden Bempt
Sales Team Leader

IBM has recently announced the End of Support (EoS) dates for several Power 7+ models. Curious to see if your system is in the list?

What has been announced?

Last year, IBM announced the End of Support (EoS) for their several models; including IBM Power 7.

While IBM Power 8 and 9 are currently the market standards, IBM has announced adding IBM Power 7+ to the EoS list.

For these Power 7+ models, IBM will stop providing maintenance on these systems. This means that no support will be provided anymore.

In order to avoid security and reliability risks it is advised to start building a case to upgrade to the Power 9 or a hosting solution like EASI Cloud2be. This will put you at ease for the coming years!

Curious to see if your system is in the list?

You can find an overview of all systems IBM will withdraw from its maintenance agreements by clicking on the following URL:


Please do not hesitate to contact your contactperson at EASI if you have further questions and / or remarks.

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