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A central module that boosts your productivity: the cockpit

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Angelo Ciliberto
Software Developer

Discover "Cockpit": Adfinity's new module that gives you a global view of your business. All in just one click. Discover everything you need to know in this article.


With the aim of guaranteeing optimal productivity for all its users, Adfinity is integrating a new module into version 1.7 of its Web Access: the Cockpit.


A customisable module according to your needs

Customization is one of the strengths of this new module. You will be able to modify your own Cockpit by adding the different widgets you need for your work. Adfinity aims to provide each user with a tool that is as adapted as possible to his or her activity.

As well as being able to add your selection of widgets to the cockpit, Adfinity also provides you with an editing mode (using a "drag & drop" system) that allows you to modify the size and position of each item you add so that all the information displayed, as well as its prioritization, are best suited to the user's needs.

Graphical display of your data

Again with a view to highlighting the data that is essential to the daily management of your business, the cockpit module integrates a graph generation engine.

Offering 4 distinct types of graphics, the engine can be configured to display all the desired information. Hence, your consultant will be able to configure specific graphics according to your requests and needs.


One-click access to the entire application

The Adfinity cockpit can be seen as a "detailed menu" allowing quick access to the different modules of the application, with the possibility of automatically applying one or more search filters to the targeted pages.

Let's take an example: if you want to be redirected to the approvals page, you can have it pre-filtered on purchase invoices awaiting approval.
This is possible with a single click from the corresponding widget in your cockpit. This trick will allow you to save a considerable amount of time in a day!

Development in partnership with a team of designers

Adfinity's development team has integrated a team of designers into the development process of the Cockpit module. Their mission was to propose an adequate visual, attractive and in harmony with the overall design of the application.

Integration of the module with Adfinity's Rich Client

So that both Web Access users and users of Adfinity's Rich Client can access the latest functionalities of the cockpit module, the Adfinity product team has successfully integrated a Chromium engine (internal Google Chrome engine) directly into its Rich version. An important technical achievement in the evolution of our product.

Every Adfinity user will now be able to use his or her own cockpit, regardless of the support used.

Since the Web version of the cockpit allows access to all modules of the application with a single click, the same applies to the Rich version, which will open the program linked to the click on a compatible widget.

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